iNet® Exchange Gas Detection As A Service

Streamline gas detector maintenance and repair with iNet Exchange

iNet® Exchange is a subscription-based service for gas detectors covering repair and replacement. iNet Exchange simplifies operations across all aspects of your gas detection program—gas detector availability, cost, and ownership—by delivering equipment on demand. There is no need to worry about instrument warranties, paperwork of processing the claim, or time to wait for new equipment. Parts, equipment, and shipping are covered, and even damaged instruments can be traded in. As an iNet Exchange customer, you will always have the equipment you need, when you need it.

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iNet_Flow_2018-th.pngEnsure gas detectors are available when and where you need them

  • Avoid instrument downtime with proactive gas detector replacement, typically within 48 hours
  • Eliminate the costs of extra parts, monitors, and calibration gas
  • Eliminate the time spent managing warranty claims


Pay for only what you need, when you need it

  • Increase the number of instruments in your fleet to meet demand 
  • Get everything you need for your gas detection program including setup, training, calibration gas, and maintenance and repair through one service
  • Add rental equipment at discounted rates for temporary projects


Eliminate unexpected gas detector expenses

  • Set up your iNet Exchange program with no up-front capital investment
  • Anticipate a fixed cost that covers items including gas detectors, shipping, calibration gas, docking stations, and more
  • Receive replacement units automatically without making additional purchases

With iNet Exchange, you can focus on your people's safety rather than managing gas detector logistics. We handle everything from setup to maintenance and repair.

Take the Pain out of Gas Detector Maintenance

Take the Pain out of Gas Detector MaintenanceIf you purchase gas detectors, you’re responsible for ensuring that the instruments are working properly and will alert workers to potential hazards. But it can be difficult to know when there is an issue, what the issue is, how long it could take to fix it, and how much it will cost. The good news is you have options to reduce or eliminate maintenance pains.

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