Repair Form

The process for returning equipment to Industrial Scientific for repair is simple. Please complete steps outlined below for fast, high quality service. When shipping items to one of our service locations, please complete the following steps to ensure smooth processing:

  • Complete the form below (print your confirmation email to accompany your items)
  • Ship ONLY the items that require maintenance or disposition
  • Package your items and documentation in an appropriate package for shipment
  • Review the lithium battery shipping restrictions to include DOT and IATA labeling guidelines
  • Do not ship any items that may be considered hazardous or contaminated (biological, chemical, physical or radiological substance)

We strive to provide quick turnaround on all service requests to get your equipment back in the field where it is needed. For the fastest possible service, please consider our pre-approval process.

Please Note:

This form should only be used for returning customer-owned equipment needing repair services. Please do not use this form when returning iNet and/or rental instruments