Tango TX1 Single-Gas Detector

Guaranteed for Life Personal Gas Detector

Tango TX1 Single Gas Monitor Experience maintenance-free gas detection and improved worker safety with the Tango®TX1 single gas monitor. A 2-year runtime and patented DualSense® Technology, increase worker safety, regardless of bump test frequency, while reducing overall costs. Simply put, with two of the same sensor, the Tango TX1 is one of the safest single gas detectors available today.

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  • Lightweight and wearable personal gas monitor
  • DualSense Technology increases worker safety by using two sensors to detect the same gas
  • Spend less time replacing equipment thanks to the industry's only Guaranteed for Life™ single-gas monitor
  • Optional AlarmAmp™ increases audible alarms to 110dB


Select from these top 5 configuration(s)

TX1-1 -- Tango TX1, CO
TX1-2 -- Tango TX1, H2S
TX1-4 -- Tango TX1, NO2
TX1-5 -- Tango TX1, SO2
TX1-G -- Tango TX1, CO/H2low

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