Technology to Drive Gas Detection Safety

Leading the Industry with Life-Saving Technologies

Industrial Scientific is leading the way with innovations that make gas detectors safer and more effective.  

RGX Gateway: Real Time Gas Alerts

RGX™ Gateway

The portable RGX™ Gateway transmits location, gas readings, and real-time alerts from hazardous locations.

RGX Gateway
LENS™ WIRELESS: Gas Detection for the Connected Worker


LENS Wireless is a proprietary mesh network that can support up to 25 devices per network group.   

LENS Wireless
DUALSENSE® TECHNOLOGY: Increase Worker Safety

DualSense Technology

DualSense Technology includes two of the same type of sensor to detect a single gas. 

DualSense Technology
iAssign™ Technology: Enhance Your Gas Detection Program


iAssign™ Technology tracks users and sites in real time helping you to identify and address worksite hazards. 

iAssign Technology
ActiveBlu Technology: Increase Productivity & Safety


ActiveBlu develops wearable worker technology to enhance productivity, safety, and wellbeing.