In-plant Monitoring

Managing plant operations is a major responsibility. It is essential to keep everyone safe while increasing productivity and controlling costs. Knowing where health and safety hazards exist, and prioritizing maintenance projects expands your ability to minimize risk and reduce plant down-time. One way to achieve and maintain a hazard-free workplace is to connect workers to live monitoring software. Live monitoring helps you to know what is happening in your facility at any given moment increasing your ability to respond in the event of an emergency. 

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Gas monitoring and live monitoring considerations include:

Multi-gas Monitoring
With the wide range of gas hazards across different industries, it is important to understand the gas hazards in your plant. The Ventis® Pro5 personal gas detector and the Radius® BZ1 Area Monitor offer a wide range of sensor options to detect the appropriate gases.

Ease of Setup and Operation
User-friendly equipment removes the need for IT setup, added infrastructure, and installation costs. Anyone from full-time employees to contract workers should be able to set up the equipment in minutes.

Wireless Monitoring
LENS™ Wireless allows the Ventis Pro5 and Radius BZ1 to communicate to each other in groups. Users can create a mesh network with Radius BZ1 and Ventis Pro Series instruments to share hazardous information across a wide area. When using the RGX™ Gateway or wireless Ventis Pro, this information is sent in real-time to the cloud, where a supervisor can get immediate visibility into the workplace conditions.

Proactive In-plant Safety
Live monitoring software provides real-time visibility into gas hazards and worker behavior, especially during turnarounds when temporary workers are on site. With live monitoring, you will know when high-gas, panic, or man-down situations occur thanks to instant email, text message, and on-screen alerts. With a plant-wide monitoring program, you’ll also have historical data to pinpoint trouble areas, prioritize maintenance projects, and drive operational improvements.

Plant Infrastructure
The wireless connectivity in your plant may determine which kind of gateway you will need to connect your gas detectors to iNet Now. Wi-fi and Cellular options are available to send real-time gas readings to our live monitoring software.

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