Solar Power Supply for the Radius® BZ1 and RGX® Gateway

Eliminate the cost and risk of charging equipment

Solar Power Suppy

Get unlimited runtime for Radius® BZ1 Area Monitors and RGX® Gateways with the Solar Power Supply. The Solar Power Supply minimizes the cost of labor and risk of charging and rotating equipment in hazardous or remote locations thanks to its continuous power supply, portability, and durability. 

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  • Operate in any location with just four hours of sunlight providing 7-10 days of power.
  • Eliminate the need to charge equipment with a continuous power source.
  • Ensure safety in hazardous locations with CSA Class 1 Div 2 certification.
  • Save time on setup and transport thanks to a modular, easy-to-move design.
  • Outlast the harshest conditions with a sturdy, durable frame that’s proven to withstand up to 60 MPH winds and 100 hours of salt spray.
  • Increase real-time visibility by powering up to two Radius BZ1 Area Monitors, RGX Gateways, or a combination of the two.


“The Solar Power Supply held its ground and continued detecting gas hazards through two hurricanes. I’m not sure what more I could ask for.”

-Safety Manager, large oil refinery

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