Remote Sampling

What is Remote Sampling?

Remote sampling is a process related to gas detection where air is pulled from an unknown and potentially toxic or combustible atmosphere to a worker in an area that has already been determined to be safe. It allows employees to assess air samples using a pumped gas monitor and confirm it is clear of any toxic or combustible gases before they enter the tested area and perform work.

Why is Remote Sampling Important?

Remote sampling ensures your workers are safe by detecting unforeseen hazards in vaults, vessels, and pits as well as when inspecting lines, valves, and joints for leaks.

Remote sampling is a critical part of your gas detection program and is especially important for confined space entry. Workers often face dangerous situations daily that require them to take remote gas samples including in the the following industrial settings and scenarios: refineries, sewage treatment, water treatment, tank farms, power plants, mining, and perimeter or pipeline monitoring.