Remove Live Monitoring Barriers with the RGX™ Gateway


Imagine knowing your workers are safe even when they can’t be seen. The portable RGX™ Gateway transmits location, gas readings, and real-time alerts from anywhere, including hazardous locations, giving you the power to respond faster and improve productivity. 

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  • Gain Total Visibility – Receive real-time alerts from personal gas monitors and area monitors when alarms occur, giving you a complete view of your team’s environment.
  • Improve Response Times – Locate workers faster when an incident happens using a live map.
  • Mitigate Risk – Monitor hazardous locations and get data out of confined spaces in real time.
  • Setup with Ease – Get live monitoring up and running in minutes without the need for costly IT infrastructure. 

When to Use   

The RGX Gateway is suitable for permit tasks that last hours, incidents that last days, or projects that last weeks. Use the RGX Gateway for live monitoring of pipelines, fence lines, emergency response scenarios, and confined spaces.


  • Compatible with LENS™ Wireless enabled Ventis Pro personal gas monitors and Radius BZ1 Area Monitors.
  • 168 hours of continuous run time.
  • Cell, wi-fi, or Ethernet connectivity options.
  • Alarms and alerts sent in real time through iNet® Now software.
  • Configuration and firmware updates done automatically without taking the gateway out of the field.
  • Certifications: cULus, Class 1, Division 2, IP65 Rating 


Discover how the RGX™ Gateway provides real-time information in minutes without the need for complicated IT infrastructure. 

Configure Your RGX

The RGX Gateway can be configured with a variety of connectivity and certification options. Please visit this page to select the configuration that best fits your needs.

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